About Craig and Joe Dunlap

Craig and Joe are a father-son realty team. Craig has been in the Real Estate business over 30 years and still enjoys the new customers that look to him for counsel every day. Joe is finishing his Bachelor's degree at Davenport University while pursuing a career in Real Estate with his Dad.

Lets start with Craig's story and move on to Joe.

About Craig Dunlap

David Starr Jordan once said: Wisdom is knowing what to do next; skill is knowing how to do it and virtue is doing it.

If you are looking for a Realtor that can get the job done then you have come to the right place. Craig's life is full of remarkable accomplishment. While we can mention the fact that Craig has sold over 2000 homes in Grand Rapids, West Michigan, and the surrounding area.... Craig also knows that the only one that is important to you is your own home.

When you need honesty and integrity with a wealth of experience in a Realtor you can stop your search right here. Craig has served as Chairman of the Professional Standards Committee at the Local Grand Rapids Association of Realtors. What makes the position of Chairman of the Professional Standards Committee so impressive is that it is the ONLY elected Chairmanship at the local board of Realtors. Chairman of the Professional Standards is a very respected and powerful position within the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors. Being elected as Chairman of the Professioal Standards committee is most significant because those that voted to elect Craig as chairman are his competitors. When your competitors trust you with handling their most difficult cases and the fate of their Real Estate careers... imagine what his customers must think of him!


Born in 1954 Craig became a licensed airplane pilot in 1975. Learning how to fly and parlaying the life lessons learned in the training have been well documented over the years. In the final days of his initial Private Pilots license training while having difficulty with cross wind landings he learned a phrase that he has never forgotten. Asking his instructor what it was going to take to get the airplane down in a 40 knot crosswind his instructor coined this answer: "Whatever it TAKES!!" If you want to know what Craig and Joe Dunlap are going to do to help you sell or buy your home the answer is "Whatever it TAKES!!" Craig went on to get his commercial and instrument ratings and accumulated over 5000 hours of logged instrument time in his airplane. With his airplane he has been in or over ever state in the United States and many trips have gone outside of the United States. Craig sold his airplane in 1995 and travels commercially most of the time these days. Memories of flying his own airplane over the islands of Hawaii is still one of his fondest memories.


In 1994 Craig was presented with a life membership to the Grand Rapids Jayces. President Gerald Ford is one of the 43 lifetime members. Craig is also a current member of CBMC (Christian Business Mens Association), MVP sports club, Calvary church member, Caledonia Sportsman club as serves as mentor or member or several Board of Directors all over Michigan. Craig is a former member of the Egypt Valley Country Club in Ada Michigan and still loves a good game of golf. Craig plays the guitar ( not real well) and retains his motorcycle endorsement on his drivers license just in case he gets in the mood to rent a Harley and ride to Sturgis North Dakota. 


Craig is often invited as a featured speaker to local and National Associations about many of his unique marketing concepts. Travel has always been part of Craig's life.


Even with the recent downturn in Real Estate sales Craig and Joe have managed to discover a special niche serving those in desperate need while in bankruptcy. Craig and Joe together represent the estate of hundreds of debtors in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When the going got tough the tough we got tougher and even during this very slow real estate market Dunlap and Associates is having one of the best years ever in 2012. 


Craig makes Bible Study an important part of every single day. He is never one to push his religious thoughts on anyone but always willing to share or to pray with anyone that would care to have him partake in that endeavor. Humble,gentle, and kind is how people that know Craig will describe him.


One of God's special gifts to Craig has been the gift of written and verbal communication. His two years at Lansing Community College and one year at Michigan State were spent in communication classes. What a person hears is far more important than what we say. Learning to listen and being slow to speak has been a life goal. Craig is not shy but he cares a lot more about what you have to say than you can imagine.


Life has been full or recent twists and turns. No one is exempt. It is never an issue of IF you are going to have challenges in your life it is only a matter of how you manage the problems as they come along. God never stops testing and refining our faith.


About Joe Dunlap

Joe Dunlap was born May 15th 1982. For his entire life he has been a favorite of everyone that he has ever met. His family and friends love him and Real Estate competitors respect him. He is the kind of person that everyone wants to be around. Never overbearing but always listening would be a way to describe Joe.

Joe started in the Real Estate business in 2005. He began his real estate career with a National Real Estate Franchise. Dad wanted him to learn the real estate business from the ground up. Instead of going to work for his father the day he was licensed he and his father decided he should start with a local Real Estate Company with training services that he needed. He is a fast learner and like his father he quickly became very successful. In his first full year in Real Estate Sales he was one of the top money earners for his National Company. The company has hundreds of agents in the Grand Rapids area. Joe was one of the top ten for that company in his first full year.

Joe is creative and hard working. Joe never has a harsh word for anyone. Joe is quick to praise others and focus the attention on the accomplishments of others. Joe is selfless and focused on serving others.

Joe is married to Shannon Macrae Dunlap. Shannon and Joe met in grade school and were friends and acquainted for a dozen years before dating. Shannon left for Taylor College and Joe went to Davenport College. Through their college years they maintained contact and their love continued to grow. They had their first child " Liam Dunlap" in August of 2010. Their second son "Weston" was born in February 24th of 2012.


They are excited about life and look for the next few years to be the best of their lives. Joe is a rising star in so many ways. He is a hero to his wife and to his entire family.


Joe Dunlap is a person to watch over the course of the next 10 years as the Real Estate.  Community will be watching as his sets new standards for sales production, honesty and integrity.There is no one that you would rather have working for you more than W. Joe Dunlap. Call him up and give him a try. You will never be sorry.

So when you decide that you'd like to buy or sell a home in Grand Rapids, Kent County, or anywhere in West Michigan, please contact us.